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Wait, now 12 MONKEYS could be a TV show?

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Why is it that every week I am reporting about another film (or film series) being turned into a TV show? What the hell is going on?

The latest … Yeah Terry Gilliam’s 12 MONKEYS! I am not joking, this is real.

SyFy, yes the people behind the likes of all those cheap and silly new wave monster films have actually greenlit a 12 MONKEYS pilot. The pilot will be produced by Universal Cable Productions and Atlas Entertainment.


The pilot will be based on the film, with production on the 60 minute venture set to begin in November, with a script by Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett.

I have no idea how they intend to turn this into a show, I mean I guess the basics have some potential but I just don’t see it personally.

Of course this may not go any further than the pilot, if it isn’t any good a series wont be order, at least that is generally what happens.

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