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Whats eating you? Cannibals on TV tonight!

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For the first time on Australian TV, the Grandaddy of all Cannibal flicks Cannibal Holocaust plays on Foxtels World Movies FILMS THAT SHOCKED THE WORLD tonight. It is said an uncut print will be shown but alas I’m still not sure how some of these scenes will go. It was one of the most banned films ever and the Director Deodato was arrested as a result of the film being so graphic. Make sure you catch this film. Visually stunning. It doesn’t get much better than this. World Movies also screened Larry Clarks film KIDs intact so lets hope Cannibale Holocausto is the same version the director intended for us. Thanks to Media Censorship in Australia for this info .. McOz reader Kire Naumovski reports that Larry Clark’s KIDS (1995) was shown on World Movies pay-TV uncensored, i.e. it was the US unrated version.


The full history of KIDS in Australia is hazy, but it was classified R 18+ (Adult themes, Sexually explicit language, Drug use) on 13th October 1995 (assumed to be the uncensored version). A review was also dated 13th of October 1995, which retained its R 18+ rating. McOz has only viewed the US unrated DVD.


KIDS did have trouble in the UK. From IMDb:

“For the UK cinema version 59 secs was cut by the BBFC to remove shots of young Nick’s chest being kissed by an equally young girl and images of a sleeping child during the sex scene between Casper and Jennie, as this footage contravenes the Protection Of Children Act. In August ’99 the British Board of Film Classification awarded the film an 18 certificate for video distribution, but with 51 seconds of cuts. The same footage was removed and the scenes re-edited to avoid shots of the child, and this same version was later issued on DVD.”

As things stand today, KIDS has not been submitted for reclassification in the UK since the year 2000.

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  1. Bryn says:

    Will the turtle butchering be cut out? What about the vaginal mutilation via stone dildo?

  2. Leroy says:

    Bryn, both of those scenes were included.

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