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Yes there is another Sharktopus film in the works

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Casper Van Dien is set to star in the new SHARKTOPUS film, which is titled SHARKTOPUS VS. MERMANTULA.

Wait what the fuck is a mermantula? I mean really, what IS that meant to be?

This is real, it will be directed by Kevin O’Neill who is on post production work on get this SHARKTOPUS VS. PTERACUDA. Apparently some how Sharktopus has become a franchise!


Don’t pass judgement yet, we have a synopsis …

In order to take down Sharktopus, Ray Brady, a former basketball player is injected with a transformation serum that alters his genetic make-up to become part man, part pirahna and part tarantula. Though, unsuccessful at his first attempt to bring down Sharktopus, Ray injects himself with a growth hormone, increasing his strength ten fold and has a final showdown with Sharktopus in a baseball stadium.

Okay, what the fuck fuck fuck fuck???? These films are getting insane and who knew there would be a market for them?

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