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Claustrophobic thriller ABDUCTEE coming to Monster Fest

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BOO! As horror fans, we all like to feel a little scared from time to time. For those of you who panic at the thought of tiny, enclosed spaces then look no further! Monster Fest has a film that will poke at the claustrophobe in all of us. We present to you, ABDUCTEE.


Directed by Yamaguchi Yadai, and starring Jiji Bu (DEAD SUSHI, TOKYO GORE POLICE), ABDUCTEE is one of the most gripping, intense, and challenging thrillers of 2013. After receiving such killer reviews on the ‘net, you’d be mad not to see this one.

And if the name Yamaguchi looks familiar, it is because this is the man who bought us the cyberpunk sci-fi MEATBALL MACHINE, the kickass action packed YAKUZA WEAPON, and recently J is for JIDAI-GEKI in THE ABCS OF DEATH.

On the back of such an impressive portfolio, Yamaguchi continues to delight with ABDUCTEE, with the film receiving a Silver Raven (Special Jury Prize) at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

ABDUCTEE is screening at Cinema Nova on Monday the 25th of November at 9:30PM, grab your tickets while you can, folks!

Atsushi Chiba awakes. He is trapped inside a shipping container, with a plastic bag tied around his head, and wrists and ankles tightly bound. Filmed entirely inside his prison, ABDUCTEE follows Chiba as he tries to figure out who has locked him inside the container, and why. Accompanied by a mysterious stone, and some drawing implements, Chiba endeavors to plan for his survival.


Abductee 2

Abductee 3

Abductee 4

Abductee 5

Abductee 6

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