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Get your vampire goodness with KISS OF THE DAMNED

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Who doesn’t love a good ol’ vampire flick? Well one for actual adults anyway, we all do I am sure. Well MONSTER FEST has you covered for that with a screening of KISS OF THE DAMNED.


This one was written and directed by Xan Cassavetes, yep she is the daughter of John Cassavetes Gena Rowlands, sister to Nick Cassavetes. So you know there is talent naturally in the family, and with this being a big film for her, we’ll get to see if she follows suit with her family. Judging by the positive response to this film, we can gather yes indeed she does!

This one has been described as a vampire giallo of sorts, that harks back to European cinema of the 70’s, sign me up folks!

You can catch this on Sunday December 1st at 7:30pm at Cinema Nove, get your tickets while you can –

SYNOPSIS: The vampire Djuna resists the advances of Paolo, but soon gives in to their passion. When her trouble-making sister unexpectedly comes to visit, Djuna’s love is threatened, and the whole vampire community becomes endangered.



Kiss Of The Damned 1

KIss Of The Damned 2

Kiss Of The Damned 3

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