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New DVD Releases: Oct 1st to 4th

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DVD releases of the week is back after a little hiatus, and here is what is of interest to you fiends for this week.


The Quatermass Xperiment + Quartermass 2 (Hammer Horror Blu-ray)
Britain s first rocket has been successfully launched and returns to Earth but communication has been severed. Only one of the three spacemen (Wordsworth) remains on board whose physical and mental health has been severely damaged. He is put under strict observation but his wife smuggles him out of the hospital only to unleash the biggest threat ever to civilisation. For the survivor is being consumed by an alien force, who gains strength from human flesh to multiple and grow, threatening to engulf and kill all living organisms. Professor Quatermass (Donlevy) must find a way to overcome the thing before it becomes impossible.
Release Date: October 2nd

True Blood Seasons 1 to 5 (Blu-ray)
True Blood is the southern set vampire show from HBO, featuring the acting talents of Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander SkarsgÄrd, Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell and many others. This is the set for long time show fans.
Release Date: October 2nd

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 (Blu-ray)
Popular with teenage girls and vampire fans, this show has reached heights that many did not think possible. Mostly exciting for its attractive cast and its bloodier than most for the CW network. This one is for fans, certainly.
Release Date: October 2nd


Arrow Season 1 (Blu-ray)
Spoilt millionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing-presumed-dead when his yacht is lost at sea. He returns five years later a changed man, determined to clean up the city as a hooded vigilante armed with a bow.
Release Date: October 2nd

Being Human UK Series 5
The fifth and final series of Being Human is set to be the biggest and boldest instalment yet. As Hal, Tom and Alex continue their search for their lost humanity, an ominous threat lurks around every corner. There is the volatile and deluded Crumb a newly recruited vampire, and the sinister Mr Rook head of a secret government department tasked with keeping supernatural activity under wraps. With bills to be paid, our heroes take jobs in Barrys kitschest hotel. But alongside the flock wallpaper and the cocktail umbrellas, dwells an evil greater than anything Hal, Tom and Alex have faced before. On the face of it, Captain Hatch is just another foul-mouthed decrepit old man, but he hides a dark secret that threatens not only our heroes friendships, but the entire world.
Release Date: October 2nd


Frankenstein & The Monster From Hell (Blu-ray)
Dr.Simon Helder, sentenced to an insane asylum for crimes against humanity, recognises its director as the brilliant Baron Frankenstein, the man whose work he had been trying to emulate before his imprisonment. Frankenstein utilises Helder s medical knowledge for a project he has been working on for some time. He is assembling a man from vital organs extracted from various inmates in the asylum. And the Baron will resort to murder to acquire the perfect specimens for his most ambitious project ever.
Release Date: October 2nd

Frankenstein Created Woman (Blu-ray)
A deformed tormented girl drowns herself after her lover is framed for murder and guillotined. Baron Frankenstein, experimenting with the transfer of souls, places the boy s soul into her body, bringing Christina back to life. Driven by revenge, she carries out a violent retribution on those responsible for both deaths.
Release Date: October 2nd



My Little Pony, Friendship Is Magic: Season 2 Volume 3 – Friendship To The Rescue
When a pony s in a jam, they can always turn to friends. Sometimes ponies need friends to stick up for them because they are getting a hard time from others, sometimes ponies need their friends to help them because they have got themselves into trouble and there s even times when a pony s friend has caused the problem themselves! Whatever the reason, a pony always needs good friends! Contains episodes 11 to 15 of Season 2.
Release Date: October 2nd

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