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This Sunday … walk with dead at the Melbourne Zombie Convention!

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Are you a zombie fiend? Do you love zombies? Act like one? Well if you have any sort of interest in zombies, this post is for you!

Zombie Con presents the very first zombie genre expo, on Oct 6th Melbourne will host the ZOMBIE CONVENTION!

Interested? Well here’s the info straight from the source.

Housed in the decadently gothic heritage-listed Royal Melbourne Hotel on Bourke St, Melbourne’s first exclusive-zombie-content convention will launch the start of Melbourne’s Halloween season to a limited crowd of 600 patrons and showcase a cross-section of the zombie genre’s finest local film-makers, sfx make-up artists, academics, literature, merchandise, social groups, video-games and cos-play characters.

MelbZomCon will celebrate the conception of the original urban zombie, using the first Romero cult film, ‘Night of the Living Dead’ as an aesthetic template and thematic landscape. Come along and experience the unsettling terror of the original shambolic reanimated corpse, before the new millennium required it to sprint, mutate and infect to keep pace with the frenetic attention-deficit age. Fog-strewn graveyards; rotting coffins; crumbling tombstones; reignite your appreciation of Romero’s inspired vision of the relentless, classical urban zombie.

This Expo is aiming to defy conventions, this will not be a typical event. There will be lots to see and do, so please DO NOT MISS OUT FOLKS!

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