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TRICK ‘R’ TREAT 2 is coming! Plus is Brian Yuzna wanting a SOCIETY 2?!

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Alright folks, we have two bits of genre news for you here, so let’s get stuck into it!

Trick r Treat 2

Much beloved Halloween favourite TRICK ‘R’ TREAT had a hell of a time getting a release, and once it did fans showered it in love. Fans can get excited because a sequel TRICK ‘R’ TREAT 2 is coming!

How do we know? Well director Michael Dougherty made the announcement at a screening of the original film at Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. With the Q & A session he answered the fans questions and confirmed the sequel with a great title card, that you can see above!

Will the little Sam be back? My hunch says yes … but we’ll see!

Society 1

Moving right along, to news of a another sequel, Brian Yuzna recently spoke about the possibility of a sequel to his directorial debut SOCIETY!

Brian Yuzna was interviewed by Nerdly, and the subject of a SOCIETY sequel came up.

Have you ever been tempted to make a follow up to your astonishingly original shocker, Society?

I am actively working on it. Once again it is all about the financing. My idea for a sequel is to have it take place in these super exclusive late night clubs that they have in Hollywood. Once you get in there is always a VIP room or a VVIP room that is off limits…

He is working on it, and financing is a problem, perhaps the man should turn to crowdfunding? I am sure there are enough of us fiends out there to help the man out!

I for one would absolutely love to see a sequel, especially with the idea Brian has in mind.

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