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Wait, whats this? ARMY OF DARKNESS 2?!

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Ok all you Primitive Screwheads! Strap on that chainsaw and rev up the Oldsmobile!

Talk has started up again about the proposed ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 sequel. It was thought a sequel to the EVIL DEAD remake would take presidence but Bruce Campbell in a discussion with Dread Central gives us a little more.


Apparently Sam and Ivan Raimi have got together to “Noodle out” some ideas. Emails have also been sent to Bruce Campbell asking how long it would take to get into shape! And it is said they are toying with the title EVIL DEAD 4:Army of Darkness 2.

Going on the budgets Raimi gets these days it is hoped the film will get at least $100 million funding seeings he gets up to 4 times that these days. And even though a lot of us hardcore EVIL DEAD fans hated the fact it was remade, this remake is the film that has gathered interest in doing another Evil Dead sequel.

The aim would be for a 2016 release.

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