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Be sure to catch the micro-budget zombie flick THE BATTERY at Monster Fest

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We here at Monster pride ourselves on bringing you fiends interesting and clever films from the genre we all love. No budget? No problem! It doesn’t need to be an issue unless someone makes it one.

So let us introduce you two the micro-budget zombie flick THE BATTERY, shot over two weeks with a six person crew, with $6000 in tow, this film has been making quite the buzz. And so it should, its a unique film with a top script and dammit we want you the people … sorry fiends, to see it!

Which is why this film is part of the stellar line up for this years Monster Fest.


So when you you see THE BATTERY at Monster Fest? Well it is screening at 11:30pm on November 28th at the home of Monster Fest Cinema Nova. Get your tickets right here –

SYNOPSIS: The Battery follows two baseball players, Ben (Jeremy Gardner) and Mickey (Adam Cronheim) in the months following a plague/zombie outbreak. The two make their way through the back roads of New England, travelling through forests and staying clear of heavily populated areas now overrun by walking corpses. In order to move forward in this dangerous new world, the men need to overcome their clashing personalities– Ben, adapting to the new lifestyle, becomes increasing feral and lawless, while Mickey seems unable to accept their harsh reality. When they intercept a transmission on a walkie talkie from Annie, a woman living in a seemingly thriving and protected community, Mickey will stop at nothing to find it and reclaim their sense of civilisation, even if they are not welcomed.



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