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We want you to attend the world premiere of FORESIGHT KILLER INSTINCT

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Monster Fest is hosting a number of premieres, a reason to celebrate and get your ass in on the action! Monster Fest starts next week, if you can believe that! We certainly can’t believe it is right upon us, whoa!!!

So if you are still ummming and ahhhhing on what to see, well we really want you to join us at the World Premiere of FORESIGHT KILLER INSTINCT.


This film is a modern ozploitation flick, and director Duncan Cunningham is a guest of the festival! He’ll introduce the film and provide an awesome Q & A after the screening.

So go and get yourself set up and get tickets, bring your friends!

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SYNOPSIS: With more expletives than an entire season of Deadwood (and that’s just in the first 10 minutes), this ultra violent, ultra grimy example of modern day Ozploitation will have you cheering at the abundance of blood, guts, drugs and violence splattered all over the big screen – right where it belongs!

In a small Australian town, local psychic Glen Parsons (Martin Cunningham) is viciously attacked and his pregnant wife is murdered. Recovering from his wounds, his blood boiling with vengeful rage, Glen embarks on a frenzied killing spree, using his psychic abilities to cut his way through a sea of pimps, drug lords and hitmen, as he tracks down the man he holds ultimately responsible for the destruction of his family – corrupt cop Lance Steele!


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