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Nic Cage features on some of the worst posters with Left Behind

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So Nic Cage is starring is a remake of a Kirk Cameron movie, I am not kidding, it’s true! Yes LEFT BEHIND has a Nic Cage remake, based on a series of let’s put it mildly insane books!

So why in the world would this be of interest? Well Nic Cage and it is sure to be batshit insane, it isn’t a film that is intended to be a comedy but it is looking like it could be this years best unintentional comedy.

The icing on the cake though (teaser trailer aside) is these absolutely horrible film posters, nothing about these is remotely good and let’s be frank they are very off putting. This is the kind of stuff we love to see, because it is ridiculous and we can all use a good laugh now and then.

Scope these horrid posters out, have a laugh and face palm.

Side note, yes the film does star Australian actress Nicky Whelan.


SYNOPSIS: A small group of survivors are left behind after millions of people suddenly vanish and the world is plunged into chaos and destruction.

Left Behind Poster 01Lef Behind Poster 2Left Behind Poster 3

Poster Source: DreadCentral



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