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There’s a new Dracula film coming this October

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This news caught The Monsters Eye by a bit of a surprise, did you know there is a Dracula film coming out in Australia this October? No? Yes?

Well folks there IS, this one is called DRACULA UNTOLD, and it will be distributed by Universal Pictures Australia. The film has been directed by Gary Shore, whose only other credit is for THE DRAFT. The cast is actually fairly impressive including Luke Evans (as Vlad Tepes), Dominic Cooper, Charlie Cox and Sarah Gadon.

The Legend Is Born

As you have guessed, this film is about the man who would become Dracula, whether or not this will be any good remains to be seen. The only thing we have so far is a brand new poster, hopefully a trailer isn’t far off and we can get a real taste of this.

Personally the poster is very generic, at least it doesn’t have too much of a direct to DVD vibe, that can haunt the vampire genre at times.

Check it out below.

Dracula Untold

Source: Universal Pictures Australia

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