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Calling all Monster fiends, Monster Fest needs your help!

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Hey fiends, The Monsters Eye is here to ask you all a big favour! Monster Fest will be with us in just a few months, and we need your help to make this the best Monster Fest ever!

We are looking for amazing people to join the team of volunteers! There are a lot of roles, something suit everyone. So please take a look below and find out what we are looking for and I am sure you fiends will find something you can do to help.


Please only commit to this if you have the time and know how, it wont help us if you can’t be there.

To show your interest head to the Monster Pictures Facebook Page and send us a message with your interest.

Sponsorship Callers: Be part of the team that makes Monster Fest happen. We’re looking for people to come into Monster offices to make calls/send emails to companies etc hunting for sponsors and partners…

Crowd Funding Team: Be part of the team that sets up and manages our online campaign. These guys will have had some experience setting up crowd funding campaigns previously.

Production Design Team – Be part of the team that helps turn our venue into Monster Fest central!

Programming Team – Be part of the team that puts together the programming, events & other weird stuff that will be pulsating through our venue.

Crowd Participation/Marketing – Be part of the team that co-ordinates our traditional marketing but also brainstorms and develops new and crazy ideas to engage Monster punters.

Screening & AV Technical Team: Be part of the team that quality checks, converts and ensures our submitted films are all correct specifications for screening. Must be very tech savvy and a perfectionist.

Website/Social Media Team: Be part of the team that promotes & documents all things Monster Fest, from the lead up to, and during the festival. We’re looking for people to help run our online space.

Festival videographers: Be part of the team that films all things Monster Fest! Ideally a couple of people with their own camera rigs to document the festival and film specific events.

Festival photographers: Be part of the team that documents Monster Fest! A number of people who we can roster on for specific events/dates of the festival for official and promotional photography

Guest & Sponsor Team: Be part of the team who ensures the people who need to be looked after, are looked after.

Festival PA/Runners: Be part of the team that gets Monster Fest Shit Done! Must have own transport, be ready for anything and extreme multi-taskers – live on the edge and be ready for anything!

Ticketing/Venue management Team – Be part of the team that makes our festival tick. A number of roles required to be rostered for managing ticketing, merchandise, crowd & guests. Guest list management, handling enquiries on the ground during the festival, reserving seats for premium ticket holders, comp winners etc.

Projectionist/Sound Team – Be part of the team that makes the venue work. A few tech orientated crew to manage the projection & sound at the venue along with microphones for guest talks etc…

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