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Check the new teaser trailer for HIDDEN IN THE WOODS

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It has been quite awhile since anything has come up about the latest from Blanc Biehn Productions’ film HIDDEN IN THE WOODS. Well the wait is over as a brand new teaser trailer has hit the interwebs and it is a good one! It may be a short teaser but enough is crammed in there to certainly wet the appetite.

For those not in the know, this film is directed by Patricio Valladares, it is his English-language remake of his original Chilean horror film of the same name. It has a great cast including its two Producers Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, plus William Forsythe stars as well.

Hidden In The Woods 01

Check out the trailer below, as well as the synopsis.

SYNOPSIS: Ana and Anny, two sisters whom have been raised in isolation under the atrocity of drug dealing and the incestuous obsession of their grim father. When they, tired of the abuse, call the police, he kills two officers and is put in jail. Free from their father, the girls now will have to escape from Tío Costello, the local drug lord trying to recover a large amount of drugs hidden in the woods.


Hidden In The Woods

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