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Creators of FOUND developing feature length version of HEADLESS

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Now I am sure you fiends remember FOUND, it like got banned in Australia … Yeah we don’t love that word here at Monster. Anyway fiends, the 10 minute footage from FOUND is now being developed into a full length feature called HEADLESS.

The project is currently on Kickstarter to raise funds, so you can donate to help make this sick piece of cinema happen. The Kickstarter is a few thousand short of it’s goal and the campaign will run until the 21st of this month.


Here is where you can donate, help them reach their goal fiends!

You can join their Facebook Page for updates as well

Here is the Press Release:

Creators of FOUND in development on feature-length version of retro slasher HEADLESS
by Kara Erdel

Bloomington, IN – The ten-minute piece of footage so controversial it got Found banned in Australia is now in development as a feature film. Due to overwhelming demand by fans of the original movie, Forbidden Films – the creative team behind Found – is collaborating with Gentleman Monster Productions to bring to life the complete, bloody story of Headless.

Found, the DIY horror darling that debuted on the festival circuit in 2012, made its mark on the indie scene as a boyhood tale with a bent toward the macabre. Based on the novel by Todd Rigney, Found built a blood-soaked masterpiece on a shoestring budget of just $8,000, going on to win 15 Best Feature awards, as well as numerous other awards for acting, directing, and cinematography. Fans of Found will remember Headless as the nasty little peek into a slasher movie that horrified two young friends with its amped-up blood and guts, its parade of topless women, and its iconic, machete-wielding villain. The feature-length version of this intense, gore-filled fantasy brings the gruesome and the psychedelic together in one gorgeous, grotesque, ultra-hardcore horror party.

The body count climbs as a skull-faced killer battles his inner demons in this retro-slasher epic.

Headless is currently in the development stages, and has just launched its Kickstarter campaign, which runs through July 21, 2014 and features comprehensive reward packages ranging from a special thanks on Headless’ official website (donations of $1 or more) to the opportunity to “Be A Victim” ($500) – a chance to appear on-screen as a mutilated corpse left by the Headless Killer. Donors at the $1,000+ level will receive an Executive Producer credit in the main titles of the film and on IMDB. Contributions in-between include pre-order options for DVD, Blu-Ray, and limited-edition VHS copies of the feature (provided by Vultra Video).

Written by:
Nathan Erdel (Unwelcome)

Directed by:
Arthur Cullipher (The Adipocere Child, Roses: A Goremance, Come)

Produced by:
Scott Schirmer (Director, Found)

Kara Erdel (Unwelcome)

Photographed by:
Leya Taylor (Found)

Shane Beasley as the Headless Killer

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