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Hey Freakers, the PROGRAM from last year HAS FINALLY BEEN JUDGED, JURIED AND EXECUTED!! A BIG THANX to all the valued JUDGE Freakers who GREATLY assisted by sharing me their favs. Your identities will remain safe with me. UNLESS, I am indeed tortured or even have a beer bought for me. I will no doubt sing like a canary.  I AIN’T squealing like a pig FOR ANYONE!

Apologies for taking so long but this first year back was a rollercoaster. But a BABY in a rollercoaster! Remember how hard it was for babies last year?? It should all be speedier this time round. (specially since my Uncle just built a Methlab in my basement) Since the Aweskum SCREAMING at MONSTERFEST 13, the Trasharama program toured to a bunch of other places. like an undead Leyland brother, it’s been to Adelaide, Geelong, Gold Coast, Townsville, Brisbane, Perth, Tasmania, Alice Springs and Nimbin! And we’ll be doing those again AND upping the anti this time round.
OK, OK, Enuff pissing around. Heres the results as totalled up from the Judges individual decisions.CONGRATS EVERYONE! I LOVED all the movies!!

THIRD PLACE: BAD TIDINGS. Dir: Craig Lipnicki. The Bad Santa felcher Axe murderer fillum.

SECOND PLACE: BUDGET CUTS. Dir: Jarret Gahan. The helpful ‘how to’ guide to serial killing. Probably shouldn’t have screened it in Adelaide. :p

AND THE WINNER IS: (DRUMROLL- somewhere in Snowtown.. )
A LITTLE R & R. Dir: Alex Machin and Frank Daft. Yep, the Meth head goon gang home invasion movie from Tassie! THAT’S pretty trashy to be sure! Congrats guys for being veeery sick. We love it and so do our judges!!

ALICE IN ZOMBIELAND: Daniel Armstrong, POV:Benjamin Morton, ACID SPIDERS: Stuart Simpson, LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS: Lee Marquardt and NIGHT OF THE GARBAGE MONSTER: Rob Taylor.
They were all so close you could feel the rancid breath on your neck. GREAT STUFF!!


The Coveted GOLDEN LOMAX award. It’s not a GOLDEN LOGIE and it’s not MARTIN LOMAX from Human Centipede 2. BUT IT’S BLOODY SCARY!!!
5 AWESKUM DVDs from Monster Pictures
A Trasharama T shirt and stubby holder.
A copy of Lee Gambin’s great book from Midnight Marquee, ‘MASSACRED BY MOTHER NATURE. ‘
A specially selected lot of original vintage exploitation ephemera courtesy of Offal Eater: House of the Damned..                                                                                 A one year subscription the BEST horror mag EVA!  That would be FANGORIA! Hell yessss!!

3 AWESKUM DVDS courtesy Monster Pictures.
A Trasharama T shirt and Stubby Holder.
$100 voucher from the very scary groovy Zombie Glamour.

3 AWESKUM DVDS courtesy of Monster Pictures.
A Trasharama T shirt and Stubby Holder.
I’ll do my best to round all that up and get em to y’all in the next couple of weeks.

ENTRIES ARE OPEN for the 2014 MONSTERFEST program and THE OFFICIAL Trasharama road tour to follow.!!
The fantastic long suffering Fiends at OZPIX have just updated the TRASHARAMA website. CHEERS!! So get on it there OR the Monsterfest site for details and entry forms.



We CAN’T WAIT to see what the cat drags in this year!! It’s going to be BIGGER, BETTER and NASTIER to be sure.

START FILMING or SENDING IN those atrocities to Sinema NOW!! It’s open to INTERNATIONAL Fillums too.
REMEMBER, we love you to make em for THE FESTIVAL but don’t hold back if you’ve got an olde laying around. Twenty minutes old or TWENTY YEARS! Dunna matter. So get cracking! Or get OFF the crack and GET FILMING!! Prizes, venues and updates headed your way!

Speaking of NIGHT OF THE GARBAGE MONSTER earlier, Mr Rob Taylor has got together a FUNDING CAMPAIGN together to turn this great little faux trailer into a CREATURE FEATURE! Hell yes! Let’s help this little masterpiece join the ranks of other Trashophiles who have gone on to make FULL LENGTH movies.

Check it out here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/human-garbage#home
See yas at MONSTERFEST 14. It’s going to be a RIPPER!!!

Stay Sick!!
Dick D.

THANXAMUCHO to everyone who came and saw and to the TWISTED fillum makers who entered. You ALL RAWK!
Thanx to our fantastic sponsors who gave us some GREAT lucky and not lucky audience give-aways Transmog FX, Club X and Black Flys eye wear this means YOU! Vomit lube and menstruating flesh tunnels anyone? :p

THANX TO the Monster Pictures team, Monsterfest and Ozpix, SPESHLY for encouragement, support and helping hand when needed. I SACRIFICE A BABY CARROT IN YOUR HONOR! Thanx to Mr Laurence Harvey and his alter ego, Martin Lomax. We tip our hats to you Sir! Cheers to  FANGORIA, Transmog FX, Arkhamhaus images, Hooligan Streetwear, Zombie Glamour clothing, Hotel Herbert, Offal Eater: House of the Damned, BIG Picture People, Mark at the Gold Coast, Neil Robson, Lee Gambin, Midnight Marquee Press, Herbert Hotel, CHEERS to the Judges. (you are Trasharama family and the family that SLAYS TOGETHER, STAYS TOGETHER.) Fake Shemp, Simone O’dea, Kim Venturato, Spaceville, Clint Cure, Misery Malice, Rob Chawner, Fif Assault, Steve Dillon, Horror Con, Griff, Drives, Pat and Mars, George Klestinis, Aarron Kleeman, Ally Modra, Zaen Ghast,  Peter Thurmer, MAPS film school, Kris Maric, Ant Marriott, Stu Simpson, Andrew Leovold, Daniel Palisa, David Nolte, Kami McKinnes, Matt Ryan, Jeanneke Aardenburg, Paul Whitbread, Michael Helms, Pete Stud, and Jero. Cheers to Tafe SA and Paul Vainickis for letting me use your facilities whilst pretending I’m Roger Dangerfield.

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    oops, that should be Craig LIPNICKI in third. Sorree Sir!

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