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Get info and see the poster for a new documentary WHY HORROR?

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Hello fiends, and what do we have for you today? A look at a brand new poster and some info on a new Canadian documentary called WHY HORROR?

So what is this documentary about? If you guessed horror you would be correct. With interviews including the likes of John Carpenter, Alexandre Aja, Eli Roth, Takashi Shimizu, Shinji Mikami, Kazuo Umezu, Alan Jones, Nat Jones, Barbara Crampton, Tony Moore, Rodrigo Gudino, Don Coscarelli and the Soska sisters this is certainly going to be a must see.

The new poster is from artist Gary Pullin and you can scope it out below along with a press release.

August 27, 2014 – Hold on to your heads, horror fans! The upcoming Canadian documentary feature WHY HORROR? now has a literally mind-blowing new poster courtesy of acclaimed horror artist Gary Pullin.

“I’ve been a fan of Gary’s work since I started reading Rue Morgue over 12 years ago, and being able to hire him for this poster is a dream come true,” says Tal Zimerman, the subject of the documentary. “I wanted to push Gary’s talent further than it had ever been pushed before to create a poster that not only grabbed people by the nuggets, but also one I’d want hanging on my walls. Gary exceeded every expectation by a million miles!”

The poster features images, themes, and interview subjects featured in the film.

WHY HORROR? is a co-production between Don Ferguson Productions and Super Channel and is set to premiere in Canada during the 2014 Halloween season.

Why Horror

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