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The Freaky Stuff: The Early Works of David Cronenberg

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“Did you ever see that scene in Scanners where that dude’s head blew up?”


This month sees the release of David Cronenberg’s seminal Scanners on BluRay through Criterion. To celebrate, we’re looking at seven films from the director’s early career –- films that, when viewed back to back, showcase the development of one of cinema’s great visionaries

Canadian-born Cronenberg’s work is often inspired by the inner workings of the human body: its pleasure receptors, its tendency to mutate, and its ongoing war with infection. Cronenberg has been making movies since the 1960s. His films, while challenging, contain a strange, […]

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Movie fans and the industry alike are looking ahead to 2015, for what looks to be a truly astonishing year for the multiplexes. The calendar year is bursting at the seams with releases, all of which have huge mass-market appeal. With the attention on the next Star Wars instalment, Jurassic World and the Avengers sequel, next year’s prospects have seemingly been sidelined.

I do believe 2014 is going to surprise us all however. With the awards season kicking into high gear, the year begins strongly with several weeks of quality drama and life-affirming fare. Comic book movies look set […]

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HATCHET 3: Victor Crowley – Last of the Boogeymen!

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The latest instalment of Adam Green’s Hatchet series is being screened at this year’s Monster Fest. Victor Crowley makes his third appearance as the Bayou Butcher of Louisiana on Friday 29th November. A love letter to the slasher films of the 80s and the boogeymen that populated them, the Hatchet films, and its star, represent a by-gone era. Despite recent attempts at rebooting the likes of Halloween and Friday the 13th, it would appear Myers, Voorhees and company can indeed sputter out and die – who knew?


inning with Halloween in 1978, John Carpenter along […]

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Andrew Traucki’s THE JUNGLE will be premiering at Monster Fest this year (Saturday 23 November). In what is sure to be a highlight of the festival, Traucki himself will be in attendance to answer questions from the audience. We caught up with Traucki to talk about THE JUNGLE and his career thus far. On the phone to the director we catch him outside, wind howling. He excuses himself to find shelter. Where is he I wonder; a deserted beach somewhere, scaling a precarious mountaintop, his backyard perhaps?! Having watched his films, one can’t help but entertain the idea that he’s […]

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ATTENTION: You cannot book your ticket via this or the Monster Fest site. To book tickets please go to


For those of you who don’t know (and why the hell not) Monster Fest is mere weeks away! The annual festival of all things genre hits Melbourne’s Cinema Nova, November 21st - 1st December.

The festival program is now available across Melbourne. Those among you familiar with the communications behemoth, a downloadable PDF can be found here!

The Monster Fest site lists everything you could possibly need to know about the eleven day event including:[…]

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Myth Maker: The Cinema of Neil Marshall.

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Neil Marshall has been announced as the director of the Troll Hunter remake. Though I find this a waste of time in every sense, Marshall’s the deft choice. If you want an action-packed, edge-of-your-seat spectacle of a movie, set in the cold climes of the European continent, then Marshall’s your man. In an effort to justify this claim, I present to you Neil Marshall’s filmography thus far!   Back in August we presented the Top 5 New Wave Horror Directors. Well, Marshall and his own band of merry men were the previous wave. Along with directors James Wan, […]

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New Werewolf film Bad Vibes is due for release soon. Produced by John Landis and Elijah Wood (swiftly becoming a horror-hound himself), Bad Vibes is set in the 60s and chronicles the hair-raising adventures of hippy rock-band, Sunrise Majesty.


To celebrate the return of the werewolf movie – and particularly Landis’ involvement in the sub-genre – Alex Smith would like to present his Top 5 Werewolf Movies.


Let’s begin with the movie which started it all – the original 1941 The Wolf Man, directed by George Waggner. Unlike Frankenstein and Dracula, The Wolf Man and his particular mythology […]

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The horror genre has seen its fair share of remakes. They are no less a stretch for Hollywood than a fifth or sixth sequel – don’t they all just rehash the original?!

Go into your local video shop (what are they?) and you’re more likely to be met with remakes than originals. Even sequels and prequels to remakes are more readily available than originals! Despite an overabundance of turgid retellings, there are gems to be found; remakes which offer the audience something different. Even the odd remake which betters the original!

Just like covers to songs, a good […]

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The Dark Future of Vincenzo Natali.

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Having been announced as one of the directors of The ABC’s of Death 2 – and with his most commercial feature, Haunter, due for release soon (October 2013, stateside), we wanted to take a look at this directors very distinctive body of work.

Vincenzo Natali exploded in to the collective consciousness in 1997, with his debut feature, Cube.

Cube followed six people who awake in different cubic cells, with no knowledge of where they are or how they got there. As each stranger ventures out of their cells and in to identical new ones, they discover one another […]

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Monster looks at Muff 14

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Richard Wolstencroft has put together an exceptional program this year’s Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF). His personal picks include: The Canyons, Thanatamorphose, The Late Men, Burn and The Joe Manifesto. Check out the descriptions below and cast your vote!

The Canyons was a late addition to the program this year, but will undoubtedly prove to be a big draw. Directed by Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Cat People) with a screenplay by Bret Easton Ellis (Less Than Zero, American Psycho), The Canyons is another hedonist trip through Los Angeles, punctuated by commentary on its deteriorating society. […]

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