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Wrestling Movies: The Citizen Kane of Cinema

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“We make movies” says World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahon in the 1999 wrestling documentary, Beyond the Mat.

The WWE didn’t actually make movies then, they only made wrestling. That fact, combined with Vince’s trademark “I am a crazy man” delivery, prompted lots of chuckles at the screening but he had a point.

There are many parallels between professional wrestling and cinema. I’ve been wrestling for 15 horrendously painful years now and it continues to astound me when people who love the fiction of cinema are unable to reconcile that same love with the fiction of wrestling.

Both film […]

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I must be honest with you.

For the first time in 34 years, I am not up to date with Doctor Who.

I was breastfed in front of Tom Baker (On screen, obviously. He wasn’t actually in the room, though I was very young so I suppose it’s possible and I just don’t remember) and I’ve basically sat in front Doctor Who ever since, watching a parade of English (occasionally Scottish) actors pretend to be a sort of intergalactic Sherlock Holmes.

The idea of Doctor Who, a space man who looks like a regular man, flying through time […]

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There’s a new addition to the Monster family and he’s a mad bastard! We like to introduce you to KrackerJak!

Some might know him from being Australian’s number one hardcore wrestler. He’s kicked arse and shed blood all over this great country. The only thing tougher than this son of a bitch, is the questions he asked the cast and crew of ‘At World’s End’ at the Melbourne Premiere.

Nothing to see here. Just another day in office when you’re KrackerJak the Mad Bastard of Australian Pro-Wrestling

Director Edgar Wright reunites Simon Pegg and Nick Frost for the final entry […]

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