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Monster Pictures Visits Dracula’s

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On a wet and windy night, a team of intrepid, brave souls from Monster Pictures ventured into the depths of Melbourne’s most feared and revered Cabaret Restaurant – Dracula’s, to witness the spectacle that is “Retro Vampt”.

All patrons are met outside by a number of lively & enthusiastic Drac’s staff & then ushered into the belly of the beast itself. What struck us immediately was how well done the production design and layout of Drac’s is. The attention to detail is superb and everywhere you look there are curios and horror mementos, make sure you take you time to […]

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Monster Fest 2014 AWARDS WINNERS

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WINNERS ROUND UP FOR 2014! Monster Pictures wishes all the entrants and winners a huge congratulations and thanks for being part of Monster Fest 2014. Want to win one of the mean green trophies? Get started on your films for next year!


Howling Wolves Presents: Crystal Monster for Best Film 2014

WINNER: Starry Eyes


Monster Pictures Presents:  Crystal Monster for Best Film 2013

WINNER: Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla


Roar Digital Presents: Best Australian Feature Film

WINNER: Under a Kaleidoscope


Space Hotel Presents: Best Feature Film Director

WINNER: Leigh Janiak in Honeymoon


Yes Asia […]

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Green Inferno removed from Monster Fest line-up

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, THE GREEN INFERNO has been removed from the Monster Fest 2014 schedule. Instead, the festival will bring local audiences US horror-comedy, ZOMBEAVERS. Ticketholders for THE GREEN INFERNO will be contacted by Cinema Nova staff and offered a refund, as well as a bonus ticket to another Monster Fest session of their choice (excluding opening and closing night events).

ZOMBEAVERS is an action packed and hilarious film about three college girls who go on a carefree vacation filled with drinking games and sexual exploration. Their frolicking fun comes to an abrupt end when they’re attacked by toxic-zombie-beavers.[…]

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Filmmaking mavericks of Australia take note! Monster Pictures, in partnership with Open Channel, JMC Academy, Mnemonic Audio, Canadian film sales company – Raven Banner Entertainment and crowd-funding platform – Pozible are very proud to announce a joint film production initiative that is set to stir interest across the land…


Australia’s very first micro-budget, “Ozploitation” feature film challenge! If you think you and your team have what it takes to deliver a quality micro-budget exploitation feature flick? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

What are we?

We’re looking for a good old fashioned Aussie cannibal flick! […]

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So tell me about

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Stuck for something to do this weekend, monster fiends? Looking for a way to wile away the long, dark cold evenings? Looking for something to make that night with a loved one extra special?

Monster Pictures has got the very thing.

Presenting – the world’s first horror and cult specific video on demand service. John Noonan spoke to Monster’s Neil Foley to get the lowdown on the goodies they’ve got in store and how your help is needed to get the whole thing up and running.

John: Neil what can you tell us about – how did it […]

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Here’s the reason for the MANIAC ban – read the full report here!

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Howdy my fellow fiends – it seems there’s a lot of talk going on about the NZ banning of MANIAC. Well here’s your chance to have a read of the exact reasons behind the banning of the film.

If you feel aggrieved by the decision of the NZ OFLC  then feel free to write them a letter explaining why – it’ll amaze them that horror fans are smart enough to put pen to paper!

Please if you are in NZ get along to one of the screenings in Auckland or Wellington and show your support to what is a incredible […]

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Well Monsterites, it’s happened again – WE’VE BEEN BANNED!

This time it’s happened not in Australia but in New Zealand.

Why? Well that’s a good question – it seems that the NZ Office of Film and Literature Classification have taken particular offense at the use of the serial killer Frank’s( Elijah Wood) POV in the film.

According to the OFLC, the use of POV puts the viewer in the position of the killer hence making the film a potential danger to those who happen to stumble upon it.

If you’re interested, here’s the press release sent out by the NZIFF […]

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Cutting has never felt so good – Matt Kennedy on the new ‘Astron 6’ giallo, THE EDITOR!

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Neil Foley from Monster Pictures climbed into a tiny cube at 8.30 in the morning to probe Matt Kennedy about THE EDITOR, Indiegogo, FATHER’S DAY and all things Astron 6.

Matt reveals much about the sordid lives and adventures of Astron 6 and in the process reveals some very exciting (and very exclusive) news about Tristan Risk, the gorgeous, talented Canadian actress cum burlesque star who we came to adore as Beatress Johnson in the incredible, AMERICAN MARY.

Astron 6 have emerged in recent years as THE most exciting voice in how-low-can-you-go filmmaking on the planet. What […]

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VOD arrives at Monster Pictures AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!

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Hey Ho Monsterfiends! Today marks a historic day here at the Monster HQ, it is the day we announce the birth of the newest addition to the Monster family – MONSTERBOX.TV our dedicated VOD platform!


That’s right my twisted friends, at MONSTERBOX.TV you won’t find any dreary arthouse schmaltz or mind numbing coming-of-age snooze-fests, all you’ll find is a choice selection of the gnarliest, grittiest and grimiest […]

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Monster Fest Cinema Promo: We Want you!

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Hey there Monsterflock, it’s that time of year again where we are making plans for the Monster Fest cinema promo, and OH WHAT A PROMO IT’S GONNA BE!!

Last years promo directed by Monster’s great friend, BUTTERFLIES director Isabel Peppard, set the standard extremely high so we’re going all out again this year to maintain the standard.

This year the director’s chair will be occupied by none other than EL MONSTRO DEL MAR director Stu Simpson and it’s shaping up to be something pretty darn special!

We will be shooting the promo in mid August in Melbourne and all I […]

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