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Be a Monster Fest 2013 Volunteer and live life to the fullest…

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MONSTER FEST 2013 is on its way and WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!

We’re looking for talented and dedicated people to head up a number of key departments so we can make Monster Fest bigger, better, brighter and bloodier than ever before.

So, If you’re a horror fan and you’re looking to get involved in Australia’s nastiest and gnarliest film festival then this is the exact opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

We’re looking for people to take the lead in the following areas.

Public Relations Manager:

We want the world to know about Monster Fest and we need a hardcore horror hound […]

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The Wild, Wild Weng Weng

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Written by Bob Baker Fish

Weng Weng is small. Andrew Leavold is much bigger, but has a small Weng Weng on his arm. Confused? Nothing is straightforward when you enter the world of Filipino exploitation cinema. Weng Weng, the diminutive star of classic z-grade James Bond rip offs For Y’ur Height Only and The Impossible Kid became an obsession for Leavold, and it’s easy to understand why, karate kicking baddies in the kneecaps, jumping out of tall buildings with only a handkerchief for a parachute, whilst fearlessly snaring bad guys and getting the girl, Weng Weng is a man for […]

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John Jarratt at Nova, Sunday 13th of January – Be there or he’ll get all Mick Taylor on your arse!

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Oh yes that’s right folks – to celebrate the DVD release of one of the coolest local genre flicks you’re ever likely to see, Monster Pictures, JB Hi Fi and Cinema Nova have organised for the star of the show, JOHN JARRATT to fly into Melbourne town for a once-off screening!

With WOLF CREEK 2 only weeks away from shooting, and with Tarantino’s DJANGO UNCHAINED about to grace our screens, and with BAD BEHAVIOUR about to rocket its way into stores, this is your big chance to come and share the air with Aussie movie royalty!

John will be on […]

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Monster Fest, Monster Mouth

Larry Cohen and Eoin Macken cancelled for Monster Fest

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We’ve recently received the word that Larry Cohen will not be able to make the trip down under due to ill health – Eoin Macken (THE INSIDE) has also had to cancel due to a clash with his work commitments.

This is obviously very sad news for Monster Fest, particularly so considering the news that Larry is unwell.

The ticket prices for THE STUFF, MANIAC COP and THE INSIDE have been reduced to regular session prices ($14.00 concession/$18.00 full).

For those who have already purchased tickets we will personally contact you with some value add to make you smile again.[…]

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Monster Mouth

Buy a ‘The Dude Designs’ special edition ‘Video Nasty’ print and do your bit for breast cancer research!

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Okay Monsterites – In the few years that we’ve been up and running, we’ve observed a couple of things about the average Monster fan… One, is that you LOVE the work of UK based poster genius Tom Hodge, of ‘The Dude Designs’ (Father’s Day, Monster Fest, Dear God No, Hobo With a Shotgun, Innkeepers, etc), and another is that you LOVE just about everything to do with BOOBIES!

Well here’s some very exciting news for boobie loving Tom Hodge fans – Tom has recently created an incredible Halloween Special, Video Nasty poster design (pictured below) in celebration of all things […]

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Monster Mouth

You wanna shoot the shit of zombies? Hell yeah! Do it on Monster fest & Patient 0

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Zombies flicks make your pants tighten right? Zombie computer games create strange stains in your trouser lining too yeah? Don’t worry – we know exactly where you’re coming from – you’re amongst friends!

Well dear friends, sit back and take this in, as you’re about to have one of those landmark “what were you doing on the day you found out about…” kind of moments…

And here’s why…

Melbourne is about to be invaded by real life zombies and the humble citizens of that city have the chance to grab an M4 machine gun and blow them away – how […]

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Win big with The Melbourne Horror Film Society and Monster Fest!

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Monster Fest and The Melbourne Horror Film Society Present…

‘The Horror Scene I want screened at my Funeral’

To celebrate the coming of Melbourne’s premiere horror film festival, Monster Fest and The Melbourne Horror society are
running a competition where we are asking you to perform and shoot your favorite scene from a horror film –
‘The horror scene that you’d want screened at your funeral’!

We’re not looking for masterpieces either, just shoot something on your smart phone and send it in – of course you’re welcome to shoot it on 70mm widescreen if you like but the main […]

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NIGHT OF THE WOMEN: The Hunt for the Monster Queen.

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For months Monster Pictures have been searching the land for a horror hosting vixen, a Monster Queen to make a name for herself as the face of Monster Pictures, Australia’s only dedicated horror film distribution company.

We are urging all vamps, babes and wannabe horror super starlets to come strut your wicked stuff as we search for the sassiest, most original, most outrageous femme fatale to fly the Monster flag.


A Monster Queen is a vixen who lives, breathes and […]

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Monster Fest

EXCISION arrives in the UK to a chorus of oohs and aahs!

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Here’s something to tickle the fancy of just every horror fan alive. Richard Bates Jr’s EXCISION had it’s first press screening in the UK yesterday. Now as you can imagine, these press screenings can be a nerve wracking time for anyone involved in the distribution of a film.  One rotten fart amongst the crowd could be enough to set off a chain reaction of disapproval which will eventually see its way onto the critics page, spelling disaster for the film.

A post transformation Annalynne McCord sits with Mom and Dad Traci Lords and Roger Bart.

Well I have some great […]

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