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Wrestling Movies: The Citizen Kane of Cinema

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“We make movies” says World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahon in the 1999 wrestling documentary, Beyond the Mat.

The WWE didn’t actually make movies then, they only made wrestling. That fact, combined with Vince’s trademark “I am a crazy man” delivery, prompted lots of chuckles at the screening but he had a point.

There are many parallels between professional wrestling and cinema. I’ve been wrestling for 15 horrendously painful years now and it continues to astound me when people who love the fiction of cinema are unable to reconcile that same love with the fiction of wrestling.

Both film […]

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Inside a dream: Twin Peaks remains wonderful and strange

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“It’s a dream. We live inside a dream.”
– Agent Philip Jeffries, Fire Walk With Me

I’m one of those guys who had Twin Peaks parties back in the 90s. We didn’t dress up as Agent Cooper or Audrey Horne, or carry logs around, or wrap ourselves in plastic, however many, many pies were consumed, along with massive amounts of coffee and donuts. Lots of donuts.

So. Many. Donuts.

For someone like me, the new Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery Blu-Ray box set is a dream come true. Every episode of the series, the original and international versions of the […]

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Get info and see the poster for a new documentary WHY HORROR?

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Hello fiends, and what do we have for you today? A look at a brand new poster and some info on a new Canadian documentary called WHY HORROR?

So what is this documentary about? If you guessed horror you would be correct. With interviews including the likes of John Carpenter, Alexandre Aja, Eli Roth, Takashi Shimizu, Shinji Mikami, Kazuo Umezu, Alan Jones, Nat Jones, Barbara Crampton, Tony Moore, Rodrigo Gudino, Don Coscarelli and the Soska sisters this is certainly going to be a must see.

The new poster is from artist Gary Pullin and you can scope it out below […]

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Win A Double Pass To See JOHN DOE: VIGILANTE

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Fancy a chance to win a Double Pass to see one of Monster’s new releases early? Of course you do, so why not enter this Giveaway contest being held at the JOHN DOE: VIGILANTE Facebook Page?

Why don’t you head over to this link right here and enter? GIVEAWAY LINK CLICK

The screening is being held at the Dungog Festival (3 hours from Sydney, 1 hour from Newcastle!)

Good luck!

John Doe Giveaway[…]

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Dark, extreme places: An Interview with John Doe Vigilante star, Jamie Bamber

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Is vengeance ever justice? Is taking the law into one’s own hands for the apparent betterment of society ever acceptable? Can two wrongs ever make a right? These are among the philosophical questions asked in John Doe: Vigilante, the new Australian film by director Kelly Dolen. In the tradition of Michael Winner’s Death Wish, Neil Jordan’s The Brave One, and TVs Dexter, the film features a confessed vigilante killer who offs the crims who haunt our streets. In this film, the vigilante spends much of his time attempting to explain and justify his actions to authorities, […]

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Check out a sexy Katharine Isabelle in this SEE NO EVIL 2 clip

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We here at Monster have a strong love for the Soska Sisters and Katharine Isabelle, they did provide us with AMERICAN MARY after all.

They are  all back together again in their latest film SEE NO EVIL 2, the follow up to WWE Studio’s debut film starring WWE Superstar Kane.

The film is set to debut in October over in the US and naturally all the goodies are getting released to get everyone excited for the film.

See no evil 2 clip 2

Up for you fiends is a new clip, featuring a very sexy Katharine Isabelle, and a very dead looking Kane.

Check it out […]

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Halloween: The Next Chapter rumour is just that …

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So some news has been circulating about a new HALLOWEEN film titled THE NEXT CHAPTER, well this news is in fact not accurate according to the Halloween Facebook Page.

But a new HALLOWEEN film is indeed in the works, we just don’t have any official details as of yet. We shall try our best to keep you updated of what is happening, and hopefully we can weed out the rumours and false stories too.


Here is the statement posted to the Halloween Facebook Page:

The rumors surrounding #Halloween The Next Chapter are not true.

We’ve been getting a lot of […]

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Jack Deth is BACK… (again): Trancers is still worth a look

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You can’t find a review of Trancers that doesn’t write it off as an amalgam of Blade Runner and Terminator. And to whoever first made that comparison, thank you SO much for taking the broader view. Because nothing ever in the History of Things has ever taken inspiration from anything else. Just ask James Cameron.

Tim Thomerson is Jack Deth, a police detective from the 23rd century who goes back in time to 1985 when everyone under the age of 30 had a six-inch blue Mohawk and wore leather pants with a day-glo orange life preserver vest. Deth is […]

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Goodbye, Marilyn Burns

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“I was acting but I sure gave it all I felt at the moment. I didn’t need to sink way down deep inside me to give that ending performance.” — Marilyn Burns, Terror Trap

I had planned to next watch The Texas Chain Saw Massacre with a group of friends later this year, in celebration of its 40th anniversary. Not to commemorate the death of one of its stars. Yet here we are.

“Marilyn Burns, star of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Dead at 64,” my Facebook feed informed me this morning, with the picture of her under the […]

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Epic teaser trailer for Astron 6’s THE EDITOR hits!

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Astron-6 (Fathers Day and Manborg) have released the teaser clip for their upcoming homage to giallo, The Editor. We ran an interview with them a few months back about the production you can check out below! The Editor will premiere at TIFF.

“A one-time (and now one-handed) master film editor toiling in the cinematic sweatshops of 1970s Italy becomes the prime suspect in a series of brutal murders, in this loving tribute to/parody of the gory giallo thrillers of Mario Bava and Dario Argento”


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