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The first poster for APOCALYPTIC is here!

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Not so long ago we brought you the trailer for the very creepy looking APOCALYPTIC, and things are moving on the flick as some posters are getting revealed.


The first poster has been released, so you can get a look at that one right here. So what’s this one about? Here’s a refresher …

SYNOPSIS: Apocalyptic. A local news crew become horribly involved with a doomsday cult.

Cults are always pretty freaky, and thus ones definitely looks to deliver those goods. Check out the first poster!


Source: Apocalyptic FB Page[…]

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This trailer to APOCALYPTIC will give you shivers!

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Truth be told, the trailer to APOCALYPTIC gave me the shivers, brrrrr shivers. Gotta love when a trailer can get a reaction like that and this one is sure to get some kind of reaction from you when you watch it.


So what is APOCALYPTIC? A new horror film that centers around a doomsday cult, because really is there anything more terrifying than a cult? Brrrrr, crazy.

Anyway, details on the film are scarce right now, which I do think works in its favour because the less I know the more excited I am for it. You can get some […]

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