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Robocop, Twin Peaks and now Big Ass Spider! Interview with Ray Wise –

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Check out the fascinating interview with Big Ass Spider! star Ray Wise featured on Fangoria.  The Ohio native is probably best known for his work as Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks, but Monster fans would know him from Jeepers Creepers 2, Dead End, One Missed Call and now, the upcoming Big Ass Spider (which is crawling its way to Australian stores and VOD this Feb 19th) He has also appeared in cult favourite film Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. With a career spanning 45 years find out what drew him to his military role in Big Ass Spider and […]

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Forget your arachnophobia and enjoy BIG ASS SPIDER

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Monster Fest is hosting a festival circuit favourite with BIG ASS SPIDER!

I know you fiends love your crazy creature feature flicks, and this one clearly has Monster fans names all over it.

Big Ass Spider

This one has a pretty wicked cast including Lin Shaye, Greg Grunberg, Clare Kramer, Ray Wise and with an appearance by Lloyd Kaufman.

Exterminator Alex is taken to hospital after ironically, being bitten by one of the spiders he was sent out to exterminate. While Alex flirts with the nurses in the recovery ward, a corpse is wheeled into the hospital; a corpse that unbeknownst to the

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