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Vlad Tepes takes form in the first trailer to DRACULA UNTOLD

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Call me crazy, and many have, but DRACULA UNTOLD actually kind of looks interesting. How can I say that? Well the very first trailer has hit, and it wasn’t was I was expecting.

This looks like a big epic film, with battles and all sorts of things going on. Luke Evans who plays the lead Vlad Tepes, actually seems to fit the role, There have been previous films about Vlad Tepes, but nothing quite like this.

Dracula Untold Trailer

You can scope out the trailer below and get familiar with the very short synopsis. The film releases in Australia this coming October.


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There’s a new Dracula film coming this October

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This news caught The Monsters Eye by a bit of a surprise, did you know there is a Dracula film coming out in Australia this October? No? Yes?

Well folks there IS, this one is called DRACULA UNTOLD, and it will be distributed by Universal Pictures Australia. The film has been directed by Gary Shore, whose only other credit is for THE DRAFT. The cast is actually fairly impressive including Luke Evans (as Vlad Tepes), Dominic Cooper, Charlie Cox and Sarah Gadon.

The Legend Is Born

As you have guessed, this film is about the man who would become Dracula, whether or not this […]

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