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SDCC brings news about GODZILLA 2

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Now personally The Monsters Eye had a great time with Gareth Edward’s GODZILLA, and yes a sequel is something I want. I am sure there are those out there who didn’t really like the film so this bit of news will probably not be suited for your tastes.

Coming out of San Diego Comic Con, Legendary Pictures announced that Gareth Edwards will in fact be returning for GODZILLA 2. He will be working on the sequel after his STAR WARS project for Disney is wrapped up.


But that isn’t all the news that Legendary announced about this up and coming […]

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Gareth Edward’s MONSTERS has a sequel, check out the first look

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This piece of news really came out of nowhere! There is a sequel to Gareth Edwards MONSTERS, it is titled MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT and it has a first look clip.


We do know that Mr. Edwards is very busy getting a new GODZILLA film made, so sadly he has not returned to direct the film but is he an executive producer. This time around Tom Green (not *that* one), who is known for his television work (with MISFITS) will be directing, with a script by Jay Basu.

The film is being touted as a continuation of MONSTERS and not really […]

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