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Check out a sexy Katharine Isabelle in this SEE NO EVIL 2 clip

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We here at Monster have a strong love for the Soska Sisters and Katharine Isabelle, they did provide us with AMERICAN MARY after all.

They are  all back together again in their latest film SEE NO EVIL 2, the follow up to WWE Studio’s debut film starring WWE Superstar Kane.

The film is set to debut in October over in the US and naturally all the goodies are getting released to get everyone excited for the film.

See no evil 2 clip 2

Up for you fiends is a new clip, featuring a very sexy Katharine Isabelle, and a very dead looking Kane.

Check it out […]

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Halloween: The Next Chapter rumour is just that …

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So some news has been circulating about a new HALLOWEEN film titled THE NEXT CHAPTER, well this news is in fact not accurate according to the Halloween Facebook Page.

But a new HALLOWEEN film is indeed in the works, we just don’t have any official details as of yet. We shall try our best to keep you updated of what is happening, and hopefully we can weed out the rumours and false stories too.


Here is the statement posted to the Halloween Facebook Page:

The rumors surrounding #Halloween The Next Chapter are not true.

We’ve been getting a lot of […]

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Bloody yes! The trailer for SEE NO EVIL 2 is here!

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Happy weekend fiends! The Monsters Eye is back in action to bring you the freshly released trailer for a highly anticipated film!

Which film is that you ask? None other than the Soska Sisters next film SEE NO EVIL 2 from WWE Studios!


Are you excited for this? You should be, this new film looks to up the ante and with the Soska flavour it is sure to be a hit with you Monster fiends.

The film as far as we know does not have an Australian release date yet, but we shall keep you posted. It will release in […]

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With two hours left Dearest Sister has reached it’s goal!

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Great news for anyone following the progress of the IndieGoGo campaign for Dearest Sister, from director Maddie Do – the film has made it’s target … $10,000 over it’s target and there are still two hours.

You can still contribute, and help this film become even better! The more money the better for Maddie Do and her team.


Maddie Do is the first horror director from Laos, and with the support of the fans she can live her dream and expand Laos’ film contributions. They have not made many films, and with people like Maddie it can only help the […]

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Oh dear, the next PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film has been delayed

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If there are still any fans of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise prepare to get your heart broken, there will be no new film this October, in fact there will be no new film at all this year or next year!

Yup Paramount has delayed PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 until 2016! That is a huge delay, and probably a good thing because it feels like these films have just become so stale and boring (at least to me). Perhaps they can breathe new life into the series or maybe it is enough time to make people forget about the quality of the […]

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Enjoy this trailer for Indonesian horror flick MACABRE

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Because we love bringing you all sorts of interesting trailers to see, I think this one takes the cake!

Have you heard of the Indonesian horror film MACABRE? No? Yes?


Well if you have or have not, good news as a pretty awesome trailer has hit for this film, and damn this looks to be a MUST SEE FILM!

Lucky for us here in Australia for once, the film IS available here on both DVD and Blu-ray. Amazing isn’t it, sometimes we get lucky.

So what’s this one about? Let us look at the Synopsis …


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Maniac! (1980) Review

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With all the fervor and controversy brewing around Monster Pictures’ upcoming release of Maniac! starring Elijah Wood, I thought I’d share with you my zany video review of the original 1980 version of the film. This review is one of several that I did for the first season of my web series, Watch These Films. The second season of W.T.F. is now in production and will air in September!

Maniac! (1980)

For the fourth episode of Watch These Films, Bianca reviews the low budget psycho-cult slasher, Maniac! (1980). Directed by William Lustig (Maniac Cop, Vigilante) and starring […]

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Savaged For The First Time

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The Aussie trailer for Sensitive New Age Killer

Is a horror lover born or made? What draws some of us to monsters and others to episodes of ‘Neighbours’? When did we take that detour? What is it about horror that keeps us sane? That makes it essential to our existence?

These and other questions impossible to fully answer will be explored regularly on this blog. My perspective was bred in Melbourne, but my current reality is the product of six years lived fully in Los Angeles, a city that’s less a place and more a state of mind. A damaged […]

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