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4 News Posters And A Trailer From MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Arrive!

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Oh yes, the reveals are definitely coming in strong now for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD! And the word from SDCC is good, those who were there have raved about the footage and the panel, but wait what is that – the footage was released! Although this trailer is about 3 minutes shorter than what was shown at the event.

What else been revealed for general consumption are 4 brand spanking new posters! Now these posters look very heavily photoshopped but they do actually look pretty badass too. The Monsters Eye is very critical of film posters, so these getting my […]

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Finally! The first pictures from MAD MAX FURY ROAD released!

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FINALLY! Proper pictures have emerged from the long awaited reboot MAD MAX FURY ROAD! Seriously it feels like years and years since this was announced and then finally filmed, it feels surreal that pictures have been released to be honest.

This film did have problems, they had to move shooting locations after mother nature messed up their plans. Charlize Theron who went bald for this role has grown all her hair back already, so yes it is exciting to have pictures, because now this film feels real! Yay!

Fury Road crop

So as you can see the photos are from Entertainment Weekly (credit […]

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Excited for more MAD MAX? FURY ROAD is coming … don’t stress!

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How long have we all been hearing about the new MAD MAX film? YEARS!

Yes, no shit – MAD MAX: FURY ROAD was announced years ago, and due to set backs the film only recently shot. It was due to shoot here in Australia but natural elements prevented the shoot and they relocated to Africa.

Tom Hardy in Mad Max

The initial six month shoot is done, so where’s the film? Well it still needs more work! George Miller and the crew will head to Sydney for an additional 3 weeks of more shooting.

The film is expected to get a release next week, and […]

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