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How I Spent My Summer in Tokyo…

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I know, I know… I’ve been negligent keeping up with my blog here at Monster Pictures. The thing is, this summer has been a crusher of a work season. It seems not a day goes by that I don’t get a call or an email asking me to write this or to join that production. Neil, our boss at Monster Pics, keeps telling me to do short order writing for the blog, but I’ve always been more into the epic entry variety.

Working on films in Japan has been one of the great joys in my life. Although the budgets […]

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The ABCs of Death

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Poking around the Monster Pictures website I see they’ve recently released “The ABCs of Death” onto DVD and Blu-ray. For those of you who have been locked away for the past year and don’t know what this is, “ABCs” is home to twenty-six horrific short films, one for each letter of the English alphabet, and made by filmmakers from around the world.  The unifying theme of the shorts being everyone’s favorite subject: death. Three of the twenty-six segments were made in Japan and were directed by Yoshihiro “Tokyo Gore Police” Nishimura, Noboru “Machine Girl” Iguchi, and Yudai “Dead Ball” Yamaguchi.[…]

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Lust of the Dead 2 & 3 Tokyo Premiere

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The cast of Lust of the Dead 2.

The cast of Lust of the Dead 2 & 3

As my first official blog entry (not counting the introductory one), I’d like to start things off with a film I was involved with somewhat reluctantly. So, why bring it up as the first entry? Because it’s fresh on my mind and the films I’m working on now are still in active production and I don’t feel like going through the odious process of clearing photos with actor/actress management just yet.

First a little backstory…

In the summer of 2011, I was contacted by Naoyuki Tomomatsu and asked to shoot […]

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Welcome to The Gemba Getaway…

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By visiting this blog, I figure it means you have an interest in Japanese cinema. I don’t mean old school Kurosawa / Ozu (which I respect and love) or the modern dramatic stuff populated by “idols” (which I loath and enjoy hating on when the opportunity arises), but the so-called extreme cinema that features buckets of blood, rushed-to-completion CG effects, and a generous amount of cute girls. However, before getting to the good stuff, I’d like to make my first entry at Monster Blogs an introductory piece. I’ll try to stay on point because, if you’re like me, you probably […]

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