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SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE has an Australian screening date!

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Now I know that all of you absolutely loved SHARKNADO, it was such a phenomenon that a sequel was inevitable. SyFy even went to Twitter to find a name for the sequel, and SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE was the winner.

Well Australian fans can rejoice, there is a set date for it’s premiere on SyFy channel on Foxtel. So when is it you ask? July 31st! Australians will not have to wait, it debuts in the US on July 30th.


The film screens at 9:30pm, and no doubt there will be a strong social media presence through it’s screening.[…]

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Bite down on this first clip from SHARKTOPUS VS. PTERACUDA

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Who here loves SyFy channel original films? What about SHARKTOPUS? Well if you answered yes to both of those questions, we have a treat for you!

The first clip from Sharktopus’ latest outing SHARKTOPUS VS. PTERACUDA has arrived! It is only short, but hey better than nothing right? This clip is called ‘bitch slap’ and features both monsters!


This feature is set to air in the US on August 2nd at 9pm, and I am sure us Australians wont have to wait long for it. Scope the goodies out below fiends.

Synopsis: In this new Roger Corman movie, the child […]

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Syfy to debut ZOMBIE NIGHT this Saturday in the US – teaser here!

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I know we have a few SyFy Original film fiends around these parts, so we figured we’d let you know about the latest film!

ZOMBIE NIGHT will debut in the US this coming Saturday night on SyFy, and no doubt we will get to see it sooner or later, they always make it here.


This film doesn’t look like anything spectacular from SyFy, except for the fact that it stars Daryl Hannah and Anthony Michael Hall! Oh and the director of this one? Just … John Gulager, director of the three FEAST films and PIRANHA 3DD – and his father […]

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