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WOLF CREEK 2 trailer is right here!

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Do we really need to say more?

Wolf Creek 2 001

The trailer for the highly anticipated Australian horror film sequel WOLF CREEK 2 is finally here! Following on from the poster reveal last week, the trailer is sure to wet your appetite.

But don’t sit here listening to me babble, watch and enjoy the trailer!


WOLF CREEK 2 is in cinemas February 20, 2014


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Mick Taylor is back but he ain’t on this one sheet!

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So, who is excited for WOLF CREEK 2? We know the film will release in this lovely country next February, so you bet the marketing train is getting into full swing.

The trailer will launch on October 21st, and ahead of that Roadshow Films have sent through the Australian One Sheet for this bad boy.

Mick Taylor is back but no where to be seen on this poster, they are indeed teasing us. Are these potential victims?

After the trailer debut a live Q&A will be hosted by Dave Brown of Empire Magazine. Fans are invited to submit their questions […]

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Fancy a clip from WOLF CREEK 2? Well come on in …

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Let’s make this one short and sweet, WOLF CREEK 2 has been screened and the opinions are starting to flow out. But that isn’t what we are going to talk about, as the first clip from the film has been released and of course we have it here for you to check out!

Wolf Creek 2 002

Proceed with caution, clips can always contain spoilers and if you want to go into the film fresh then step away but if you want to get a glimpse of the film, come right in and scroll down below to check it out!

Synopsis: Lured by the

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Scope out the released stills from WOLF CREEK 2

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WOLF CREEK 2 is gearing up to have it’s World Premiere at the Venice Film Festival, and it will release here next February so you can bet from here on out we’ll be getting lots of goodies from the film to get us all excited.

The first time took the world by storm, it was raw and gruesome horror film, with an ending that felt like a slap to the face. Plus Mick Taylor was such a memorable villain, it makes sense a sequel got made.

So what do we have on the film today? The first few stills have […]

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Venice Film Festival to host world premiere of WOLF CREEK 2

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WOLF CREEK 2 is indeed coming, from the same team behind the original film with Greg Mclean back at the helm.

The film sees its Australia release February 20th of next year, however it will premiere before that.

It has been announced that WOLF CREEK 2 will have it’s World Premiere at the fabulous Venice Film Festival (Aug 28-Sept 7). The film will screen as part of the Midnight Program, and this is a pretty big deal as it isn’t often the Festival screens sequels, especially in the horror genre.


Star Jeff Jarratt who plays the serial killer Mick Taylor […]

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Not Screaming or Crying but You Will…

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Yo Freakers! And wouldn’t you know it, as soon as it looks like I’m going to run out of supplies in the locked down lower region of the Monster Mansion, I discover that the only way out has been left unlocked! Not only that but it was immediately apparent that I was walking into an otherwise vacant building. That’s right, Monster have moved!Mr Jekyll Absinthe

No time to contemplate why or where just enough to quickly grab that last bottle of Mr. Jekyll and run… and by the way, after a few glasses of this magic liquid sideways is how you’ll be […]

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