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Dane DeHaan has a zombie girlfriend in LIFE AFTER BETH trailer

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Apparently the zombie love story is turning into a thing, it is a place within the zombie sub-genre that has not been overly explored. We had WARM BODIES, a fairly successful film, that was both smart and funny. Now we are getting LIFE AFTER BETH, a very different kind of zombie film, with the relationship between two people being the focus.

This isn’t set during an apocalypse, so that already sets it a part. The advertising material has been quite misleading, that is until the trailer hit and a new image of star Aubrey Plaza showed up. No this isn’t […]

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This Sunday … walk with dead at the Melbourne Zombie Convention!

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Are you a zombie fiend? Do you love zombies? Act like one? Well if you have any sort of interest in zombies, this post is for you!

Zombie Con presents the very first zombie genre expo, on Oct 6th Melbourne will host the ZOMBIE CONVENTION!

Interested? Well here’s the info straight from the source.

Housed in the decadently gothic heritage-listed Royal Melbourne Hotel on Bourke St, Melbourne’s first exclusive-zombie-content convention will launch the start of Melbourne’s Halloween season to a limited crowd of 600 patrons and showcase a cross-section of the zombie genre’s finest local film-makers, sfx make-up artists, academics,

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