• Australia
  • 2013
  • MA 15+
  • 86 MIN
  • 09 Jul 2013

Extra Features

  • The Making of 10 Metres
  • Theatrical Trailer

Cast and Crew

  • Craig Annis
  • Stefan Taylor
  • Melanie Berry
  • Written and Directed by: Rory Noke
  • Story by: Sandra Partington
  • Executive Producer: Daniel Scharf
  • Co-Producer: Tim Smith

Trailers and video

Theatrical Trailer


About 10 Metres

After a vengeful classmate straps a bomb to his chest, university student Scotty Campbell finds himself caught up in a deadly chase through the streets and laneways of Melbourne. Running for his life, Scotty must stay at least 10 metres away from his assailant or the bomb detonates.  As the police get involved, what begins as a simple act of revenge intensifies into in a citywide manhunt with deadly consequences.

An explosive, white-knuckle thriller following in the micro-budget shoes of El Mariachi and Dead Hooker In A Trunk, 10 METRES is true-blue Aussie chase caper that will leave your heart pounding and your lungs burning

One insane wild ride and an exceptionally well made film


A devilishly smart thriller

Tony Ginnane

Will give audiences an adrenaline rush

Greg King, Beat Magazine

  • Australian Premiere

    Monster Fest 2012

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