2020 Monster Fest Festival T-Shirt

  • Australia
  • 2020
  • TBC
  • 08 Nov 2020

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2020 Monster Fest Festival Trailer


About 2020 Monster Fest Festival T-Shirt

Grab your canned goods, pack your hoarded toilet paper, journey to your bunker and get ready to start recycling your urine, the apocalypse is here! But fear not, friends, just because the world as we know it is ending, it doesn’t mean you can’t still look ahh-mazing. Thanks to those wonderful Printers of Perfection at Red Octopus now you too can Apocalypse but make it fashion in the official 2020 Monster Fest Festival T-Shirt. Featuring art by the legendary Kung Fu Bob O’Brien, this tee looks so good you won’t have to defend yourself against marauding cyborgs, radioactive man-rats or homicidal dingo girls, they’ll just stop whatever they’re doing and bow down to you as the God of the wasteland you so obviously are.

"That's one fine-looking shirt"

Cybernetic Attack Monkey

"Makes me wish I only had two arms"

Radiated Mutant Freak

"I can smell the threadcount from here"

Mole Man

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