• Australia
  • 2013
  • MA 15+
  • 81 MIN
  • 18 Jul 2013

Cast and Crew

  • Jim Knobeloch
  • Serge De Nardo
  • Angelo Salamanca
  • Jak Wyld
  • Dan Balcaban
  • Director: Stephen Amis
  • Producer: Lynne Wilson
  • Producer: Stephen Amis
  • Co-Producer: Tait Brady
  • Writers: Stephen Amis, David Richardson, Serge DeNardo
  • Cinematography: David Richardson

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About 25th Reich

25th Reich


Okay, what if we told you we had an Aussie film that was set during WW2, involved multi-dimensional time travel, giant marsupials, vicious mosquitos the size of birds, and deadly robotic Nazi’s? You’d be salivating with anticipation, right? Well that’s exactly what you’ll get with THE 25th REICH, perhaps the coolest and funniest genre flick to emerge from this country in years – maybe ever!

1943, a team of American soldiers are sent into the Australian outback on a secret mission, toting a large wooden box – what’s in the box? A time machine OF COURSE! Suddenly they are whipped through time, traversing more than ten thousand years, where they are greeted by deadly MEGA-fauna before thrusting back in time, to the realm of the most evil 25th REICH!



Cpt. Donald O’Brian was a rising matinee star in Hollywood. Featuring in many B movies (A Yank In The Ranks,  An Angel From Texas), he always played the macho leading man, handsome and flamboyant. At the height of his fame however he was drafted, and his film career put on hold. Rising quickly through the military ranks, he was posted to Australia as a full Captain. As leader of the mission to destroy two pumas accidently released from the U.S. base near Lancefield, Victoria, O’Brian shows himself to be laconic, intelligent, brave and stoic. Later, amongst other revelations, we learn that O’Brian is a stage name – he is actually Jewish and his real name is Kindermann.

From Chicago, Ill. tough, gravelly voiced, straight talking Sgt. Carl Weaver is never without a cigar in his mouth. He is in charge of the device, dubbed `The Coffin’, which the other team members believe is a frequency transmitter to attract the pumas. At first he comes across as a good natured, avuncular foil to the other men, keeping order with a quiet word or a joke.  But when it is revealed that Weaver is a Colonel in the OSS, and is the only one who knows the real purpose of the mission, tensions rise and we see another side to him… autocratic, stern and brutal. On his orders the team use the coffin, which is actually a time machine, to recover a UFO from 50,000 years in the past. When Weaver steals the ship and abandons the squad, leaving them to die in the past, we discover that Weaver is a double-crossing Nazi agent.

Corporal Haywood Updike is the archetypical red neck `Good ole boy’ from the South. Born and raised in Oakridge, Alabama, Updike’s philosophy is simple, anything that is not white Anglo Saxon protestant is garbage and therefore to be treated as such. Constantly chewing tobacco, like a ‘real man’, he has little time for authority figures. Knowing his destiny is to one-day walk among the political power brokers, he is full of resentment and hatred of the ‘inferiors’ who stand in his way. He is a powder keg of neuroses, paranoia and prejudice with a very short fuse!

Private Eli Ishbak, the driver of the jeep and all round dog’s body, is the youngest of the squad. New York City born, Ishback is Jewish, nerdy, easily put upon by the others and in deep awe of O’Brian the Hollywood star. He constantly quotes lines from O’Brian’s films to all and sundry. Ishbak’s dream is to become a Hollywood star.  Although very young and green in the ways of the world, he is intellectual beyond his years when it comes to matters of belief in a higher power.

Rifleman Roberto Barelli is a wise guy, son of poor Italian immigrants, who grew up in ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. Tough and uncompromising, he makes jokes constantly in a broad Brooklynese accent, often with himself and or Italians as the butt. Outwardly cynical, Barelli has a heart of gold and takes the underdog’s side in all things, which makes him a particular foil of Updike’s. Concise and thoughtful, he is an excellent soldier and first class marksman.

I like the robot rape scene

Neil Foley- Monster Fest Director

The 25th Riech has is all...A perfectly executed B-movie replica!

Fertile Celluloid

One of the best no-holds bared Aussie genre movies of the last 30 years

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  • Best Exploitation Film

    Arizona Film Fest

  • Official Selection

    Puchon Internation Fantastic Festival

  • Official Selection

    Revelation Film Festival

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    Brisbane International Film Festival

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