• Canada
  • 2013
  • MA 15+
  • 92 MIN
  • 04 Dec 2013

Extra Features

  • Director's Commentary
  • Trailers
  • Behind The Scenes featurette

Cast and Crew

  • Michelle Mylett
  • Cody Ray Thompson
  • Adam Christie
  • Ana Alic
  • Written and Directed By: Cody Calahan
  • Written and Produced By: Chad Archibald
  • Cinematography By: Jeff Maher
  • Original Score By: Steph Copeland

About Antisocial

After being publicly dumped by her boyfriend on the social networking site The Social Redroom, celebrating New Year’s Eve is the last thing Sam (Michelle Mylett) wants to do. Unfortunately, when she arrives at her friend Mark’s house looking for some comfort, she finds a house party already in full swing. She would leave, but it seems things outside are even worse. A contagious pandemic of violence, suicide and paranoid hallucinations has broken out world-wide, and the cause is unknown. With the house in lockdown mode, the party-goers take to the internet looking for answers, but what they find suggests that locked doors and barricaded windows might not be enough to stop infection…

Alarming, tense and unnerving, ANTISOCIAL is a shockingly poignant, new horror film for ‘Generation 2.0’ that will have you second-guessing everything you do on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram…

"Antisocial is enough to make anyone want to delete their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Accounts"

Dread Central

"A tense and claustrophobic journey through cyber-hell"

Quip Magazine

"Intelligent and nicely claustrophobic spin on the killer virus / zombie film"

Screen Daily

"The Canadian sleeper hit of the year"

Fantasia Film Festival

  • World Premiere

    Fantasia Film Festival 2013

  • Official Selection

    FrightFest 2013

  • Australian Premiere

    Sydney Underground Film Festival 2013

  • Official Selection

    Monster Fest 2013

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