• Australia
  • 2014
  • MA 15+
  • 84 MIN
  • 19 Sep 2014
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Cast and Crew

  • Jane Elizabeth Barry
  • David Macrae
  • Frederique Fouche
  • Director: Glenn Triggs

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About Apocalyptic

A documentary filmmaker, Jodie Black and her cameraman, Kevin Horner, accept an assignment to head into the Australian bush to film an expose on a notorious doomsday cult. What they discover is a very tight knit community of women and girls, led by a mysterious leader, Michael Godson, a self-proclaimed manifestation of God.

Over the course of a few days their investigations uncover a very sinister truth behind the cult and when it comes time to raise the alarm, things escalate beyond any of their expectations.

Shot in a spectacularly atmospheric outback setting, Glenn Triggs’ film is a deeply unsettling and relentless exploration of the perils of fanaticism and the moral dilemma of interference. Creepy beyond description and utterly disturbing, APOCALYPTIC is a film that lingers long after the final frame.

"Nerve-shredding" - Early Bird Film Society "A quality piece of cinema"


  • MonsterFest Official Selection


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