Bad Behaviour DVD

  • Australia
  • 2013
  • TBC
  • 90 MIN
  • 17 Jan 2013

Extra Features

  • Trailer
  • Deleted Scenes

Cast and Crew

  • John Jarratt
  • Roger Ward
  • Jean Kitson
  • Lindsay Farris
  • Caroline Levien
  • Director: Joseph Stephen Sims
  • Writer : Joseph Stephen Sims

Trailers and video



About Bad Behaviour DVD

Intersecting storylines and a cadre of savage, merciless characters converge in BAD BEHAVIOUR, an eerie Aussie-noir black-comedy starring John Jarratt (WOLF CREEK), Jean Kitson and Roger Ward (MAD MAX, TURKEY SHOOT).


Two psychotic siblings on the run from a brutal debt collector, a police officer driven dangerously insane by his son’s murder, and a man confronted with his wife’s infidelity all cross paths in a beach-side town off the coast of Queensland. A series of seemingly random events bring these disparate individuals together as slowly, small-town tensions escalate, drawing each of them into a graphic, violent mélange of murder, blackmail and bloody revenge that will leave you gasping in shocked awe.

"[The] twisty screenplay and punchy direction take the pic in the chronology-scrambled, multistrand directions of Pulp Fiction, Go and Lantana"


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