Before Dawn

  • UK
  • 2014
  • R(18+)
  • 82 MIN
  • 21 May 2014

Extra Features

  • The Making of Before Dawn featurette
  • Short Film
  • Trailers

Cast and Crew

  • Dominic Brunt
  • Joanne Mitchell
  • Nicky Evans
  • Edited and Driected By: Dominic Brunt
  • Screenplay by: Mark Illis
  • Cinematography by: Alex Neville

About Before Dawn

Barricaded in their small vacation home in the English countryside, an estranged couple’s attempt to save their troubled marriage turns into a bloody fight for survival when they find themselves under attack from a horde of the walking dead.

Starring Dominic Brunt, best known as Podge, the chainsaw-wielding maniac from Alex Chandon’s INBRED, BEFORE DAWN is a violent, gore-filled zombie masterpiece for those who like a bit of flesh with their food…

"The most gut wrenching modern zombie flick in years"

Hollywood News

"Bloody terrifying... Puts the fear factor back into the zombie film"


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