• Spain
  • 2013
  • MA 15+
  • 76 MIN
  • 19 Sep 2013

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  • Trailer
  • Reversible 'unrated' sleeve

Cast and Crew

  • Ana de Armas
  • Leonor Varela
  • Diego Cadavid
  • Judith Diakhate
  • Jeff Gum
  • Written and Directed by: Antonio Trashorras
  • Produced BY: Andres Calderon
  • Original Music By: Alfons Conde
  • Cinematography by: Javier Salmones

Trailers and video

Trailer #1


About Blind Alley

In a tiny launderette hidden down a dark alleyway, Rosa finds herself trapped, completely isolated and under attack. Forced into a sadistic game of cat and mouse by the deranged serial killer Gabriel, Rosa manages to make it till daybreak with a combination of luck and skill. Unfortunately salvation does not come with the dawn and when Rosa learns the shocking truth about the nature of her tormentor, she discovers that more than just her life hangs in the balance.

Written and directed by Antonio Trashorras (The Devil’s Backbone), BLIND ALLEY is an outrageously fun homage to European exploitation and slasher cinema of the 70’s. Complete with nods to directors such as Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci and Jess Franco, Giallo fans won’t want to avoid this BLIND ALLEY!

"A roller coaster of scares with the only goal of providing fun while you're laghing and jumping. The best Spanish horror film of the 21st century"

Fausto Fernández - Fotogramas

"An extremely crazy horror film with moments for posterity."


  • Official Selection

    Sitges Film Festival 2011

  • Fanomenon Award

    Leeds International Film Festival

  • Official Selection

    Paris International Fantastic Film Festival

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