• Australia
  • 1992
  • R(18+)
  • 83 MIN
  • 19 Jul 2012

Extra Features

  • Limited Edition Slipcase
  • Limited Edition double-sided Poster
  • All-New Commentary with Richard Wolstencroft, Jon Hewitt and Michael Helms
  • Original Commentary recorded for the French DVD release
  • Bloodlust 20 year Reunion featurette with Michael Helms, Max Crawdaddy, Robert James O'Neill, Colin Savage, Phil Motherwell, Richard Wolstencroft and Jon Hewitt
  • Blooper Reel
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Behind-the-scenes Featurette
  • Stills Gallery
  • Original Trailer
  • Plus much more

Cast and Crew

  • Robert James O'Neill
  • Jane Stewart Wallace
  • Kelly Chapman
  • Phil Motherwell
  • Paul Moder
  • James Young
  • Max Crawdaddy
  • Colin Savage
  • Ian Rilen
  • Lex Middleton
  • Michael Helms
  • John Flaus
  • Directors: Richard Wolstencroft & Jon Hewitt
  • Director of Photography: Gary Ravenscroft
  • Sound: Angie Black
  • Art Director: Nicolas Barclay
  • Costumes: Anne Liedel
  • Executive Producers: Robert Ruggi & Mark Spratt

Trailers and video

Bloodlust Trailer


About Bloodlust DVD

The notorious Australian Cult Classic Bloodlust arrives in a 21st Anniversary deluxe special edition! Available for the first time on DVD this infamous genre gem focuses on a group of modern day vampires! Armed with an arsenal of weapons and a dangerous hunger they prowl a twilight world of bizarre nightclubs and seedy streets looking for kicks with an insatiable appetite for carnage. A blood drenched saga of epic proportions which features enough ammunition to blow the roof off, the film erupts into a macabre and hilarious black comedy which will leave you thirsty for more!

Photo gallery


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