Bullets For The Dead

  • Australia
  • 2016
  • MA 15+
  • 91 MIN
  • 07 Dec 2016

Extra Features

  • Introduction By Michael Helms
  • 26 Bullets Dead - the short film that started it all
  • Trailer
  • Teaser
  • Cast Featurette
  • Armoury Featurette
  • Art Department Featurette
  • Costumes Featurette
  • Make-Up Effects Featurette
  • Sound Featurette

Cast and Crew

  • Christopher Sommers
  • Vanessa Moltzen
  • Carol Burns
  • Hugh Parker
  • Directed By: Michael Du-Shane
  • Written By: Michael Du-Shane & Joshua C. Birch
  • Produced By: Cathy Rodda & Norm Wilkinson
  • Creative Director: Alberto Sciamma

Trailers and video

Bullets For The Dead Trailer


About Bullets For The Dead

Escorting fiery, young outlaw Annie Blake and her gang of bankrobbers to the sheriff in Blood Gulch, Bounty Hunter Dalton discovers the remains of a horrific massacre and rescues its sole survivor, a preacher. Before long the group are fighting for their lives against a zombie horde that walks the desert plains eating all flesh in their path. And as the preacher’s secret unravels, Dalton is forced to make allies out of this prisoners if he has any hope of surviving the rampaging undead.

Produced by Cathy Rodda (IRON SKY) and Norm Wilkinson (TIME GUARDIAN), BULLETS FOR THE DEAD is a beautifully lensed horror-western out of Queensland created in conjunction with Griffith University, mixing professional talent with the cream of the university’s recent film graduates.


"Dark and gory"

Gatton Star

"Violent, bloody and brutal"

Cinema Australia

"[An] apocalyptic zombie epic"


  • Official Selection

    Monster Fest 2015

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