Cat Sick Blues

  • Australia
  • 2016
  • MA 15+
  • 94 MIN
  • 21 Sep 2016

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Extra Features

  • Introduction By Michael Helms
  • Audio Commentary With Dave Jackson, Matthew C. Vaughan and Taena Hoshi
  • Audio Commentary with the crew
  • Behind The Scenes Featurette
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Interview with Shian Denovan
  • Interview with MUAFX Artist Liz Jenkinson
  • Interview with Creature Designer Deiter Barry
  • Interview with Musician Matthew Revert
  • Cat Sick Blues Short Film
  • Trailer
  • Reversible DVD Cover with art by Pierre Lloga
  • Reversible Bluray Cover with art by Matthew Revert

Cast and Crew

  • Matthew C. Vaughan
  • Shian Denovan
  • Noah Moon
  • Rachel Rai
  • Hwee Hall
  • Cat Commander
  • Danae Swinburne
  • Meg Spencer
  • DIRECTED BY: Dave Jackson
  • Written by: Andrew Gallacher & Dave Jackson
  • Produced by: Taena Hoshi, Dave Jackson & Matthew C. Vaughan
  • Music by: Matthew Revert
  • Cinematography by: Daniel Cowan
  • Production Design by: Taena Hoshi
  • Make-up and SFX Designer: Liz Jenkinson
  • Creature and Prop Design: Deiter Barry

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About Cat Sick Blues

Suffering a mental breakdown after the death of his cat, introverted loner Ted convinces himself that in order to bring his beloved pet back to life, he needs nine human lives to sacrifice in its place. Constructing a cat costume, complete with mask and razor-sharp claws, Ted embarks on a murderous rampage, slashing his way through share houses, backpacker hostels and webcam chat rooms in a savage frenzy. As the butchery escalates, a twisted and bleak romance blossoms between Ted and Claire, a young woman he meets in a support group for recently bereaved pet owners.

Dave Jackson’s debut feature “is a balls-to-the-wall assault on the senses” ( that will be released as the first of Monster Pictures new Australian genre sub-label Fatal Visions – named after the infamous underground film zine of the late 80’s / early 90’s published by Fangoria scribe Michael Helms.



"The most original, unapologetic, and strangely affecting Australian horror movie since Bad Boy Bubby"

Cult Projections

"A wildly successful endeavour into the mind of the depraved. It’s unlike anything I have ever seen"

Modern Horrors

  • Best Australian Film

    Monster Fest 2015

  • Best Australian Film

    A Night Of Horror 2015

  • Best Australian Director

    A Night Of Horror 2015

  • Best Female Performance

    A Night Of Horror 2015

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