Descendents DVD

  • Chile
  • 2008
  • M
  • 74 MIN
  • 03 Jul 2011

Cast and Crew

  • Camille Lynch
  • Karina Pizarro
  • Cristobal Barra
  • Director: Jorge Olguín
  • Writers: Carolina García & Jorge Olguín
  • Cinematographer: Juan Carpintero
  • Editor: Guillermo Perez

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Trailers and video

Descendents Trailer


About Descendents DVD

In an undefined future, the earth has been destroyed and the air polluted with a virus that turns humans into zombies. Over the years humanity has evolved and the few children who survive the trauma of birth in the post-apocalyptic environment have developed a natural immunity to the pollutant.

Camille, a lone nine-year-old girl, wanders through the wastelands, trying to survive. Fighting off attacks from both zombies and a hostile military force who massacre the ‘infected’, Camille discovers other children who, like her, share a recurring dream of the ocean as their salvation.

Banding together,  the children journey to the coast in search of a new way of life, free from persecution from those that are intent on their destruction.

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