Easter Bunny Kill! Kill!

  • USA
  • 2006
  • R(18+)
  • 06 Apr 2011

Cast and Crew

  • Timothy Muskatell
  • Ricardo Gray
  • Charlotte Marie
  • Trent Haaga
  • David Z. Stamp
  • Director: Chad Ferrin
  • Producer: Trent Haaga

About Easter Bunny Kill! Kill!

Everyone knows that bunnies are prolific breeders, but do you know that they can also be gruesome killers? Welcome to the depraved world that is Easter Bunny Kill Kill! A violent criminal named Remington fools a mother into leaving him alone with her young son Nicholas. Remington and his friends take sick pleasure in tormenting the boy who seeks comfort in his pet rabbit. One night however, the abusers can’t find Nicholas … but an Easter Bunny masked killer has found them and wants bloody revenge! Writer / Director Chad Ferrin is one of the reasons why underground cult horror is making a resurgence across the globe and this film is darn near perfect. It successfully melds violence, nudity, and dark comedy with some very likeable protagonists and despicable villains. It’s got great writing, brilliant acting, beautiful pacing, skilled camerawork and awesome effects. It’s totally stylish and completely original.

You’re going love Easter Bunny Kill Kill!


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