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About Erotibot

In the tradition of the powerful, earth shattering Big Tits Zombie and the ultra bloody magic-filled gore-fest Horny House of Horror, comes a story of love, erotica, betrayal, action, gore and tears!

Loveable Tamayo is assigned three android bodyguards by her over-protective crime-lord father. Protecting her from danger during the day is only part of the job for these robo-warriors however. Sometimes, “bedroom protection” is also required…
When her father is taken deathly ill, Tamayo must fight for her share of the inheritance as her jealous step-sister Tsukiyo (AV superstar Maria Ozawa) uses all her skills, both on the battlefield and in the bedroom, to convert Tamayoí’ bodyguards into love-assassins, and claim the fortune for herself.

Helmed by legendary director-pervert Naoyuki Tomomatsu of Vampire Girl Versus Frankenstein Girl fame, Erotibot is a must see for any fan of erotic sci-fi cinema!

A sexy, gore-filled action flick

Far East Films

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  • Japan
  • 2011
  • R(18+)
  • 74 MIN

07 Sep 2011

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Extra Features

  • Interviews with stars Maria Ozawa and Asami
  • Trailer

Cast and Crew

  • Maria Ozawa - TSUKIYO
  • Asami - AZAMI
  • Mahiro Aine - TAMAYO
  • Yasunori Tanaka - SUKETOMO
  • Fukuten Suketake - 2nd ELECTRICAL BUTLER
  • Yuuya Tokumoto - 3rd ELECTRICAL BUTLER
  • Writer & Director:
    Naoyuki Tomomatsu
  • Executive Producer:
    Yumi Iwashita
  • Line Producer:
    Kazuaki Kubo
  • Executive Producer:
    Miku Kikuchi
  • Editor:
    Masaru Ikeda