• Canada
  • 2012
  • MA 15+
  • 108 MIN
  • 15 Sep 2012

Extra Features

  • Making of Exit Humanity Featurette
  • Trailer
  • Actors Commentary
  • Producers Commentary

Cast and Crew

  • Brian Cox - Malcolm Young (voice over)
  • Mark Gibson - Edward Young
  • Dee Wallace - Eve
  • Bill Moseley - General Williams
  • Stephen McHattie - Medic Johnson
  • Jordan Hayes - Emma
  • Adam Seybold - Isaac
  • Director: John Geddes
  • Writer: John Geddes
  • Producer: Jesse T. Cook
  • Producer: Matt Wiele
  • Co-Producer: Cody Calahan
  • Cinematographer: Brendan Uegama
  • Original Music: Jeff Graville
  • Original Music: Nate Kreiswirth
  • Original Music: Ben Nudds
  • Costume Design: Alex Brown

Trailers and video



About Exit Humanity

John Geddes delivers a stunning, fresh take on the zombie genre with EXIT HUMANITY, a stirring apocalyptic western.

Set during the period after the Civil War, in 1870s Tennessee a young man Edward Young (newcomer Mark Gibson in a breakout lead performance) finds himself caught in the midst of a deadly outbreak of the walking dead. With his son missing, Young embarks on a harrowing cross country journey to track him down, all the time facing off challenges not just from the ferocious undead, but also from the living.

Geddes has a Terence Malik-like zen style of filmmaking going on that absorbs the environment and amplifies the beauty and ugliness often at the same time. See EXIT HUMANITY when you get a chance. It's not your typical zombie fare

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