John Doe Vigilante

  • Australia
  • 2014
  • MA 15+
  • 93 MIN
  • 27 Oct 2014

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Cast and Crew

  • Jamie Bamber, Lachy Hulme,
  • Director : Kelly Dolen

Trailers and video

John Doe - Trailer


About John Doe Vigilante

Some call him a hero. Some call him a villain. He’s “John Doe: Vigilante” – an ordinary man who decides to take the law into his own hands. Frustrated with a failing legal system that continues to allow violent criminals to go free, John Doe begins exacting justice the only way he knows how – by killing one criminal at a time. Soon he becomes a media sensation and inspires a group of copycat vigilantes, but who is the real John Doe – a pillar of justice or a cold-blooded murderer? You decide.

Brilliant Job

A thoughtful examination of the failures of the legal system

The Hollywood Reporter

This movie had me sitting at the edge of my seat, ready to face it’s next twist

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