Landmine Goes Click Blu-Ray

  • Georgia
  • 2016
  • MA 15+
  • 110 MIN
  • 22 Jun 2016

Cast and Crew

  • Dean Geyer
  • Spencer Locke
  • Sterling Knight
  • Directed By: Levan Bakhia

Trailers and video

Landmine Goes Click Official Trailer


About Landmine Goes Click Blu-Ray

A harrowing, twisted revenge thriller, LANDMINE GOES CLICK follows three American tourists, Chris, Alicia and Daniel as they venture off the beaten track in the mountains of Georgia in Eastern Europe. Their trek grinds to a shocking halt when Chris accidentally steps onto an unexploded land mine. Unable to move, Chris is powerless to help when a local man, claiming he has arrived to help, turns nasty. Saying any more would spoil the plot, but suffice to say, it’s releasing gruesome, brutal, disturbing films like this that is the reason Monster Pictures first opened its doors!

LANDMINE GOES CLICK is also available on DVD

"A gripping, worthy watch"


"There's no shortage of imagination here, albeit of the sick and twisted variety"

The Hollywood Reporter

"The first half is all menace, threat and tension, the second is equally as tense and menacing but is far more brutal."

The Hollywood News

"Brilliant and surprising "

"A foul and nasty revenge picture… packs a f*cking powder keg of indefatigable hurt"

Arrow In The Head

  • Best Male Lead

    Monster Fest 2015

  • Best Actor

    Diabolique Film Festival 2015

  • Best Thriller

    Shriekfest 2015

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